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Drone Services for aerial photography, videography, mapping and data collection.

We are also licenced insurance claims adjusters in TX and NV.

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Fly and oversee ground and flight operations at job sites. Coordinate with visual observers for safety and situational awareness. Capture aerial photography, video and data for mapping. Plan drone flight routes. Navigate drones along designated flight routes. Fly autonomous flights for creating orthomosaics. Assemble aerial imagery packages and videos for real estate, wineries, tropical pools, and more. Coordinate flight operations for special events including: Tahoe Rim Trail Run 2021; Store grand openings. Ensure compliance with FAA regulations. Obtain LAANC authorization when necessary. Experience with obtaining waivers for night flight and high altitude flight. Conduct preflight safety checks, file flight plans and obtain and analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights. Identify complex problems and review options and solutions.
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Carson City, NV, USA

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