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Cyclops Drone Services

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Principal and Chief Remote Pilot of Cyclops Drone Services - have over 1,100 hours of drone flight time, more than half of that at night, using M200 and M300 Matrices with infrared cameras within the Security sector. Also plenty of technical work with a number of smaller drones within the Insurance sector, mainly relating to storm damage, as well as solar panel and electrical equipment inspections using infrared cameras.

Current lines of drone work:

* Methane detection
* 4G - 5G tower inspections
* Broad-acre survey
* Security (day and night)
* Solar panel infrared inspection
* Home and building inspection
* Insurance claim photography

Solicitor; negotiator; risks assessor / manager; procurement and contract management.

Military planner and trainer / assessor with extensive CIMIC and GL background - deployed to Afghanistan and East Timor.

Have worked with UN, UN agencies, UN Police, IOM, IOs, NGOs, allied national forces, host nation government (various levels), USAid, NATO.

Volunteer fire fighter and road rescue.

Comfortable working in distant and remote locations.

Excellent communicator.

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Services Provided
General drone photography and video; infrared inspections of solar panels and electrical equipment/infrastructure; drone security surveillance; broad-acre survey; roof inspections; property inspections; asset inspections
Lifting Capacity
$20 million public liability


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Carbeen Rd, Park Ridge South, QLD, Australia

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